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Nature's Treasure

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Anti Age

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What's new??


What's new?

NATURE’S TREASURE - an antidote for civilizational stress

We’re dropping a bomb on you… a complete multivitamin bomb! Be careful – after using it, you will be doomed to an absolute bio-revitalization of your skin. In defiance of the everyday fatigue, free radicals, stress and environmental pollution, we created two super-products from super-fruits w...

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We believe that cosmetic products should be food for your skin.

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Meet Alkemie

The rejuvenating power of nature decoded!


ALKEMIE has created an innovative, luxurious line of natural cosmetics with a neuro-cosmetic activity. The first in the world, 100% natural cosmetics which combine the phenomenon of luminescence, biomimetic activity, modern penetration promoters and plant substances with strong anti-ageing and anti-wrinkle effects confirmed by clinical tests in an advanced way. Super-active care products, safe and friendly to the skin, which – at the same time – meet the enormous requirements of the modern cosmetology concerning the speed and visibility of effects.
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It’s a real revolution in the approach to the therapy of the sensitive skin!


Cosmetics of the MICROBIOME line contain the wealth of the highest quality organic raw materials with hydrated regenerating, soothing and hydrating effects. They are also perfect as a regenerative treatment for those who have a dry and sensitive skin, atopic dermatitis, after intensive dermo-cosmetic treatments and excessive exposure to sunlight.
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Meet the line

Snow White

Since we like challenges, we would like to introduce you with SNOW WHITE – the revolutionary approach to whitening and brightening of discolorations with the use of the natural, advanced neuro-cosmetology and the effect of photo-luminescence. EPS Wthie PA blocks the release of inflammatory neurotransmitters and inhibits the synthesis of melanin at the level of cell biochemistry.
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An antidote for civilizational stress

Nature's Treasure

We created two super-products from super-fruits with super-effects for you. When you use them, your skin will have nothing left but to look good and radiant. We have gathered so many vitamins and antioxidants that you could easily deal them out to three lines of products.
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Parabens (methyl, propyl, etc.) (SLS), (SLES), Paraffin/ mineral oil/ vaseline, Formaldehyde donors, Silicones, Chemical UV filters, Phthalates, (PEG), Methylisothiazolinone


100%Natural Ingredients

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To be honest... it's pure


About our ingredients

We believe only in the creation of pure products, free of substances which could have a negative influence on the skin or mood. Our multipurpose cosmetics primarily aim at providing measurable effects, as well as making every day more pleasant and boosting self-confidence. That’s why we use only the best ingredients from fully controlled and ethical sources. When creating each product, we select the most effective natural substances whose effects are supported by hard evidence of clinical trials. We never use ingredients in placebo amounts only to let our marketing department brag about a non-existing cooperation with NASA. We work with the best manufacturers of raw materials in the world, we learn from the smarter ones, and share our own experience when co-creating interesting projects.


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„It is characterized by a Slavic, mysterious charm; it attracts, intrigues and tempts. The cosmetics seem very well thought out. I’m really curious about them! Anyway, you can check their website – it’s world-class. Bravo!”



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Are the cosmetics of Alkemie vegan-friendly?
Most of the cosmetics of ALKEMIE are vegan-friendly. All of them are vegetarian-friendly. We do not use ingredients of animal origin; only two of our products contain beeswax.
Why is there no age-based classification of the cosmetics?
Your skin has no age. It has various needs though; therefore, we offer cosmetics with specific effects.
Where do raw materials from your cosmetics come from?
We import them from all over the world. We endeavor to ensure that their sources are safe, confirmed by certificates of naturalness and numerous research.
Does it make sense to apply a thick layer of a cosmetic in order to enhance its effects?
There’s no need, the cosmetics of Alkemie are like a rich nutrition for the skin. The most important thing is regularity.
Are the cosmetics of Alkemie tested on animals?
No! The cosmetics of Alkemie are manufactured in Poland; according to the law of the European Union, testing of any cosmetic products or their ingredients on animals is forbidden (Regulation (EC) No 1223/2009 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 30 November 2009 on cosmetic products).
Can the cosmetics of Alkemie cause allergies?
Like any natural cosmetic, they might cause allergic reactions resulting from an individual susceptibility to a given ingredient.
Can I only use products from one given line of cosmetics?
All cosmetics of ALKEMIE can be easily combined with each other. It results from the use of the newest emulsifiers, stabilizers and promoters of penetration currently offered by the natural biotechnology.
What does it mean that the products contain only active concentrations of the used raw materials?
It means that, when deciding to use a given ingredient, we add exactly as much of it as recommended by its manufacturer; the effectiveness of the used quantity must also be confirmed by tests.
Is ALKEMIE a Polish brand?
From the very beginning to the very end: YES! We are lucky to have a great team around us, who share our motto: The Impossible We Do Immediately, Miracles Take A Little Longer.


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