The whole truth about Alkemie

Alkemie is a whole new dimension of natural cosmetics. A combination of century-old traditions, the knowledge of herbalists, whisperers and healers, professors of botany, chemistry and physics, and the latest discoveries of cosmetology.

We believe that cosmetic products should be food for your skin. They should have long-lasting and multi-dimensional effects in order to let the natural eco system of our skin regain balance essential for its proper functioning.

We get the information concerning ingredients and their unique properties straight from the source – people who have been testing each of our raw materials for years to extract what’s most valuable. We use only the most modern raw materials from sustainable and ecological sources, whose effectiveness was proved by clinical tests. In our products you will find unusually high concentrations of each of them, as we have evidence that it’s the way to achieve the full intended effect. To make sure they will reach their destinations, we use fully natural biomimetic peptides and promoters of transepidermal penetration. They act as transmitters and magical skeleton keys for all the substances from our recipes.

You’re probably wondering where we came from?

For the past 15 years we have been involved in the cosmetic industry, for 9 years – in the manufacture of cosmetics for retail and professional markets. We created plenty of products and treatments you have already encountered when searching for inspiration for your home care or leaving yourself in the hands of professionals in SPA hotels. Many of our products and treatments have already been appreciated by groups of specialists and given numerous awards for innovation and effectiveness.

We have gained the trust of our clients by introducing the brand of MomMe Mother & Baby Natural Care and creating the first professional Femi & Baby SPA program (twice awarded by SPA PRESTIGE AWARDS). Since we find ethics and the way of obtaining raw materials extremely important, we were the first to create a comprehensive SPA for vegetarians and vegans. You can find the information that the product is suitable for vegetarians and vegans on each label.

We keep searching for interesting solutions for our new products. We attend all major raw material fairs, SPA conferences and cosmetic symposia in order to be the first to offer you new, revolutionary developments of cosmetology.

Alkemie are cosmetics we want to use ourselves. That’s why you can be sure that our products contain only substances with positive effects on your skin and mood. Try us, dare to discover Alkemie!

Our Team

Justyna Żukowska-Bodnar

Founding Partner

Justyna Żukowska-Bodnar

She’s been involved in the cosmetic and SPA industry for the last 17 years. She’s specialized in cosmetology, health promotion, pedagogy and health education. A many years’ trainer, author of training programs, original massages and treatment rituals. A practitioner who likes to learn from the best. An author of many publications in cosmetic and lifestyle press. The author of the first SPA for vegetarians and vegans in Poland and the Femi and Baby SPA program which has been awarded twice by the SPA PRESTIGE AWARDS.

For 11 years she’s been involved in manufacturing cosmetics for retail and professional markets. During her professional career, she has been responsible for the introduction of products to international markets, creation of recipes, PR, marketing and effective distribution channels.

She is famous for her absolute uncompromising attitude; that is why, after the long-term cooperation with Polish cosmetics companies, she decided to start her own business.

A trendsetter and author of cosmetic lines repeatedly awarded for innovation, effectiveness and the unusual approach to cosmetology. She likes to set new directions in the industry, which is why she’s not afraid of a revolutionary approach to products and treatment procedures. For many years, she has been participating in the major events of the industry all over the world, searching for innovations she can use in her work.

She’s always up to date with the most modern raw materials. Her perfect cosmetic is multidimensional; that’s why each cosmetic is designed so as to provide the skin with a total solution to the problem.

She fights like a lioness to protect her vision of the brand and products, and her strive for perfection can often drive the coworkers crazy. She always coordinates all processes, starting from their conception, through graphic designs, marketing texts, packaging and the PR communication.

That’s why the word “creator” best describes her character and function in the company.

Privately, an eco freak who thoroughly analyzes the compositions of all products she can get her hands on. A mother of a teenage daughter, Jagoda, with whom she experiments in the kitchen in her free time. She uses every inch of her garden to plant new plants. She’s totally in love with working Alaskan Malamute and Border Collie dogs she actively trains for sport.

Marek Bodnar

Chairman of the board

Marek Bodnar

For 21 years, he has been involved with commerce, distribution and manufacture. A graduate of the Wrocław University of Economics, Faculty of National Economy, specialized in Business Management, CRM specialist, qualified Mediator, natural logistician, calm (sic!) and conscious realist and optimist.

He has gained his professional experience in several industries building, developing and managing businesses for almost 22 years.

He has been involved with the cosmetic industry for almost 12 years in the scope of management, manufacture, sales, distribution development, creating a chain of franchise shops and export activities. He has successfully introduced cosmetic brands to the national and international markets.

A strong-minded oasis of peace in our company. He has the amazing ability of calming down excessive emotions and finding solutions when we think there’s no way out.

A master of logistics whose motto could be “the impossible we do immediately, miracles take a little longer”. We don’t even know how he manages to coordinate a billion of processes every day, which make up the functioning of the company.

A company’s master chef who can prepare a delicious meal with only 4 ingredients, which could feed a whole regiment ☺. He believes that good cuisine, delicious southern red wine and the company of true friends are one of the life’s greatest pleasures.

He can build something out of nothing, squeeze blood out of a turnip, and rise from the ashes.

Przemek Orzechowski


Przemek Orzechowski

A graduate of the Department of Management at the University of Gdańsk, specialized in investments. After graduating in 2002, he started his professional career in AGA, the family-run company, manufacturer of leatherware of the Samsonite and Valentini brands.

For years, he has been gaining experience in various positions related to sales, research and development, as well as retail division. Since January, 2009, he has taken over the management board of the company, which today is a leader in the exclusive travel products and leatherware industry. Management is his profession and passion at the same time. He believes that good results are the effect of hard work and a great idea.

He is a fan of traveling and active leisure activities. He walks miles of golf courses from spring to autumn, and spends hours on ski slopes in winter.

A colorful personality of commerce with eccentric and extraordinary ideas, who takes care of the brand development strategy. The company’s “ice breaker” who can smile his way through difficult situations and make the rest of the team smile by doing so.

Just like his business partners, he loves good cuisine and often makes them cross their own culinary boarders and discover new flavors ☺

Many believe he’s „out of control” but thanks to the excess of a task-oriented intellectual energy, he is able to see things from different perspectives.

A blade of the sword and the shield of ALKEMIE ☺

His life motto is: Thinking is an art that is worth mastering.

Magdalena Kamyszek-Kowańdy

Marketing and brand manager

Magdalena Kamyszek-Kowańdy

She’s been present in the world of online marketing for over ten years. A graduate of journalism, specialized in digital media and public communication. For years, she has been developing her career in a specific direction; she has gained experience working in ambitious teams of innovative web portals:,,, Working for advertising agencies, where active actions were everyday adventures, taught her tremendous discipline, stimulation of infinite creativity and courage in the creation of innovative ideas.

An Internet freak. A multitasker who keeps learning and implementing new ideas. She believes her knowledge of the latest tools used in integrated marketing to be her great advantage; thanks to the variety of conducted projects, she is able to take complex action in the field of digital marketing.

Blogosphere and vlogosphere keep no secrets from her; she believes that maintaining relations with bloggers and vloggers is one of many advantages of her work.

She draws inspiration from the gurus of the industry: Paweł Tkaczyk, Wobuzz by Monika Czaplicka, the King of the Internet – Michał Sadowski, mediafun by Maciek Budzich and Krzysztof Gąciarz from Japan. For years she’s been fascinated with the world of game studies, advergaming and narrating.

She considers herself a realist who cannot imagine 8am without a schedule. Nothing is impossible to her.

After work, she will gladly spend time with gigabytes of e-books and seasons of her favorite series. Recently, she has also rediscovered her inner artist and found great joy in graphic design.

She hates when someone fails to meet a deadline.

Agnieszka Niemirowska-Kmiecik


Agnieszka Niemirowska-Kmiecik

A cosmetologist, masseur and trainer with 15 years of professional experience. A graduate of College of Health, Beauty and Education in Poznań and Medical School of Therapeutic Massage in Kraków. She completed multiple trainings in the fields of cosmetics and various massage techniques, drawing inspiration from the best, internationally renowned trainers. They resulted in her comprehensive skills, a thick file of certificates and the constant willingness to learn new things.

She has gained her experience during the many years work for the best brands of professional and SPA cosmetics on the market. She shares her knowledge, both theoretical and practical, with great passion and commitment. She’s an author of many catalogues, brochures, treatment procedures, original massages and articles for the professional magazines. A meticulous and annoying (!) editor who strives for perfection.

A practitioner and enthusiast of her profession, uncompromisingly fixated on natural cosmetics. An author of original care programs for firming and shaping of the body, the care of women during and after pregnancy, and active ecocosmetics.

She consequently follows her chosen path, combining cosmetics, massage and great affinity for people. She perceives people as integral wholes and believes we should be viewed holistically.

She loves creative work. Creating new treatments and looking for innovative use of cosmetics are not only her job but, above all, great fun.

She’s a multifunctional person – she runs her own parlors, conducts trainings, massages, creates new treatments and descriptions of cosmetics, actively participates in the introduction of new Alkemie and MomMe products. She also has a horse riding instructor certificate up her sleeve.

As a night owl, she often works at night sending various mails and ideas at strange hours. Privately, she’s a mom, wife and a horse lover. She enjoys walks in the woods in autumn, metal music and good TV shows. She dreams of her own SPA in the middle of a green forest.

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