NATURE’S TREASURE - an antidote for civilizational stress

We’re dropping a bomb on you… a complete multivitamin bomb! Be careful – after using it, you will be doomed to an absolute bio-revitalization of your skin. In defiance of the everyday fatigue, free radicals, stress and environmental pollution, we created two super-products from super-fruits with super-effects for you. When you use them, your skin will have nothing left but to look good and radiant.

We recommend them to all those who want to beautify their skin and provide it with a great shot of vital energy. Perfect before a big night out or as a morning wake-up shot for the skin. It’s also a great remedy for smokers and inhabitants of big, polluted cities.

We have gathered so many vitamins and antioxidants that you could easily deal them out to three lines of products.  The organic concentrate of super-fruits: guarana, acerola, sea buckthorn, cranberry and camu-camu, contains all the essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients, as well as a loading dose of antioxidants. C-Infusion – an unusually active vitamin C in an oil form, brightens and rejuvenates the skin; it activates on the skin surface which makes it effective and long lasting. Organic oils (chia seed, Argan, apricot kernel and babassu) and the luxurious Moringa butter provide the skin with a complex nourishment, rejuvenation, firmness and strengthening of its protective barrier.

Sounds tasty? Go ahead and try us! We only need to warn you about one thing – these cosmetics are addictive!

The effects:
-          Immediate restoration of vital energy and healthy look of the skin
-          Strong antioxidant effects, elimination of free radicals
-          Reduction of the harmful effects of civilizational stress
-          Activation of regeneration processes
-          Brightening and revitalization
-          Reduction of patches and discolorations
-          Rejuvenating and firming effects, visibly younger skin


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